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In Memory Sarah Johnson
In Memory Sarah Johnson
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We will all miss you!

Sarah Elizabeth Johnson unexpectedly died during Drivers Ed at the young age of 15 on February 28, 2004; shortly before her 16th birthday. She was born on April 2, 1988. She died of a cardiac arrest due to a tumor in her AV Node. She was such a gorgeous girl inside and out and I am glad to say she was one of my good friends. She cared about everyone and if she could, would solve everyones problem. She talked alot and was very opinonated but this is why we all loved her. She has been in heaven for almost six months now and we all still miss her dearly. I know shes up there watching over all of her friends down on this Earth. I know I will see her again but there still is never even an hour that goes by that I do not think of her. I just wish everyone would have known this awesome young woman. She was just so wonderful. Ive included some pictures of her also on the site. Well Sarah...we all love you and miss you. Its going to be so hard starting school without you but I know you will be with us in spirit. So just remember to blow us a kiss from heaven. I love you girl!






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