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Movie and Book Reviews

On this page are reviews of the movies I have seen and books I have read.

Movie Reviews

Charlie's Angels

I went and saw this movie the night it came out with two of my friends. It is so funny and it just shows that gurls can kick @$$ too. You have got to see it!

Princess Diaries

This movie is so adorably cute! It kind of has the Ugly Duckling theme to it. Next time I get kissed I hope I get that popping feeling. LOL (People who have seen the movie know what I'm talking about)

Book Reviews

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire
by J K Rowling

This is the 4th book of the Harry Potter series. This one is the longest but it is the best out of all 4. It starts off boring but then it starts to get really good. I just hope the 5th one isnt as long as this one though.