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It's My Life!


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This is Harry the Golden Retriever. Hopefully your not wondering why we called him Harry!


This is George the Tabby. I'm sure McDonalds would love to see George smile!


This is one of my best friends. She's a sweety pie and she knows I'm thankful for all she has done for me!


This is Sammy the Border Collie. He actually talks, No, I'm only kidding but he does howl i guess you could say.


This is my other best friend. She's always been there for me through everything and whenever I'm upset I can always call her and she'll make me feel much better.


This is Harry and George. George looks up to Harry as a father figure since Harry is the oldest pet in the house.


This is George again. He thinks he's King over everything!


This is my dad. He and Poul are the computer geniuses in the house. Ever have a problem with computers, then just ask my dad and I'm sure he'd be happy to help you.


This is my mom. The person sitting in the way back is my brother Mark and the guy sitting next to him is Brad.


This is my brother Mark just posing before leaving for prom. I still have to wait about 3-4 more years for prom. :(


This is Sammy again. He loves sprinklers but he hates big bodies of water. How ironic!


This just a picture of me when I was really hyper one day so I put on that facial mask thing and my mom nearly had a stroke. In this pic you can clearly see my blue eyes.


This is another pic of me being hyper. No I am not getting sick so don't worry. Thats a skort I'm wearing so it wasn't really that bad for me to stand like that. I love the back of that shirt though but the outfit is my best friend's so I had to return it.


On the left is my brother Mark and next to him is his best friend TJ. They were being weird one night and just decided to place the bench in the middle of the yard and have pictures taken.


This is my mom and our dog Sammy. Sammy gets pampered a ton. He's even aloud to sit on the chair with us. What can i say, he's spoiled.


This my mom and Mark at Mark's high school graduation. If only he'd move out sooner or later.

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