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EFY 2001
Themes From Past EFYs

Here are other themes that EFY has had in the past.

EFY was started in 1976 but they never had themes until 1982. Below are all the list of the themes that EFY has had in the past years.

1982-"The Time Has Come"
1983-"Ascending Together"
1984-"Discovering New Horizons"
1985-"Let Your Light So Shine"
1986-"Lovin' Life"
1987-"Sailin' Home"
1988-"Win The Race"
1989-"Forever My Friend"
1990-"Learning For Myself"
1991-"Walk With Me"
1992-"Of One Heart"
1993-"Sharing The Light"
1994-"Serving With Strength"
1995-"Return With Honor"
1996-"Living The Legacy"
1997-"Treasure The Truth"
1998-"Joy In The Journey"
1999-"A Season For Courage"
2000-"Forward With Faith"